Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

We didn't start the fire...

Any thoughts we might have had of ignoring the fire alarm and going back to bed evaporated when the housekeeping staff started pounding on doors.

We pulled on some clothes, grabbed keys, and headed for the exit stairs, which took us out to the back. There was some sidewalk cleared out there, but it didn't look like a fun place to be. Anne overheard someone talking about the lobby, so we went back through the first-floor halls and found everyone standing around... in the lobby.

No fire, I guess, so after we all stood in the lobby for about 15 minutes, checking out the continental breakfast, we got to go back upstairs. There were brief buzzes from the fire alarm every few minutes for a while; the fire department and police must've been checking it out or something.

We blame the Canadian hockey kids who were also running up and down the halls late last night. It wasn't us. We put out our sterno last night!

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