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Another fantastic dinner at Turback's

Two, actually.

Friday night I hung out with my friend Marc for a while. He was in my fraternity pledge class, and was in town for an all-day job interview at IC. He's one of the finalists. He remembered owing me dinner from 12 or 13 years ago, so it was his treat Friday. We ended up going to Turback's, which he vaguely remembered from its earlier incarnation, and had an excellent meal. Split the pierogies and lobster ravioli appetizers, then I had the grilled tuna steak special and Marc had the salmon. The waitress, Julia, was definitely in a punchy mood, and we had a great time.

Tonight, dinner with Sharon that I owed her, and a quick return to Turback's. (We'd been planning on that for a month and a half!) We split the sauteed asparagus (a word that just took me a minute and a half to come up with) and lobster ravioli appetizers (awfully good stuff). I had the Peking duck, and Sharon had the tilapia (a white fish), two of the items on the regular menu. As always, the presentation was attractive and tempting, and we both felt we'd eaten without being stuffed. Our waiter this time, Seth, looked nervous, but did fine.

My first two visits since they reopened, I had the "Classic Silver Bullet" from the Martini menu. It's a premium British gin with 16-year-old Lagavulin single-malt scotch rather than the vermouth you'd more usually expect in a martini. The idea so scared me that I just had to try it! Wonderful stuff. Tonight I had a "1962 Aston Martini," a much more traditional approach... gin, "a glance at the vermouth bottle," and a twist of lemon peel. One of the best martinis I've had in ages.

When we walked back outside of the restaurant tonight, the extremely heavy air had both cooled and thinned, so it was very comfortable. We sat in the chairs out front for a bit, enjoying the crescent moon and the evening air, before heading to Sharon's place to drop her off.

Visited Phil and Mary at WVBR during Phil's albums-from-the-studio BFG show for about a half hour before heading home. Several days of great weather yielded to this afternoon's humidity... and I think it'll be cloudy and/or stormy for a few days.

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