Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Small Town, USA

After finding a place for breakfast this morning (the hotel desk clerk's suggestion to go to McCarthy's was a good one) we drove around a bit, looking for movies either in the theater or on DVD that might entertain us for the afternoon. We ended up driving over to Potsdam, about 15 minutes from Canton, and sat in the coffee shop there for an hour or so. "The Fields" is the coffee shop right across the street from the Clarkson Inn, a nice hotel on the edge of the Clarkson campus in downtown Potsdam. I had a cup of "golden french toast coffee," which really has the aroma of french toast with maple syrup! The flavor isn't too different from regular coffee, making it even better. It's a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters seasonal, and I bought a bag of it to take home.

No real good movie options; Eva wanted to see "Phantom," but we decided it was starting a bit too late, and was a bit too long, especially since we had to go back to the hotel before the game so Anne could get her sweater. Also, apparently "The Roxy" is a crappy place to see movies. So we killed some time at the coffee shop, and now we're back at the hotel, relaxing in the room, not bothering to go relax in the lobby by the fireplace. With two beds and a sofa in our "suite," we've got enough space to spread out here anyway.

Canton really reminds me of Cazenovia, and Potsdam really reminds me of the downtown core of Cortland. These are quite small towns, with lots of active farmland around. (Well, probably not that active this time of year.) Most of the tourism here seems to center around hockey in the winter; apparently it's a big golfing area the rest of the year.

Back to Ithaca after tonight's game, in plenty of time for brunch at Q tomorrow.
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