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Kicked. Clarkson's. Ass.

Cornell blanked the Golden Knights tonight in Potsdam, leaping out to a 3-0 lead in the first period and maintaining it through the game. That gave them a fourteen-game unbeaten streak (the longest in NCAA hockey all year, beating UMass Lowell's 13-game streak earlier this season). Goaltender Dave McKee tied the Cornell all-time record for career shutouts, matching Ken Dryden's 13. I wouldn't say McKee is a better goaltender than Dryden, who was probably the best goalie of all time, and of course played in a very different era. But McKee's only a sophomore.

We left Potsdam after the game and got back to town a while ago. I've been slowly winding down. Definitely time to go to sleep, though. G'night!

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