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Accord Hybrid?

So have any of you driven, or know someone who's driven, a Honda Accord V6 Hybrid? I'm guessing not, since they're very new and pretty much a niche product, but I thought I'd toss that out here. I test-drove one today, and was very impressed. There are definitely a few things that would make me hesitate, but I wanted some further feedback. I've already done lots of web searches and read several reviews, but I'd be curious especially to hear from someone who owns one and has driven it for a month or two.

Among the downticks... there's no manual transmission available, no sunroof available, and no all-wheel drive. It's also expensive, and one of the reviews I read did the math and commented that it would take ten years of driving for the increased gas mileage to pay for the extra cost of the car over the similar non-hybrid V6 model.

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