Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

More baby goat

I paid another visit upstairs a little while ago to see how Mo's baby goat is doing. The leg and ear that were frozen show some swelling, and she's favoring that leg... mostly holding it up rather than putting weight on it. She's also nibbling on everything in sight, hoping to find milk. "Hm, she fed me before. How come there's no milk here?"

She doesn't have a name yet; like me, Mo prefers to wait until it's obvious! (I haven't named my new snails yet, either.)

Boer goats like this one are bred for meat, but Mo says she's not destined for someone's plate. She's over 90% boer, apparently, so she's likely to have a long and comfortable life of goat shows!

Another goat's kid was not born alive, so Mo hopes to pair them up.

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