Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Baby horsies are good for the soul!

After the usual so-so breakfast at Cosmo (on which more in 14850_dining shortly), Eva took us up to Cornell's equine research park to visit the horses. It's foaling season, and there are foals ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks old, as well as a few mares likely to foal in the next several days.

I got some pics of the colts, but didn't use my flash so as not to upset them or their moms; most of the pictures will probably be dark or blurry or both. I'll see when I get them out of the camera.

A few of the horses, including one stallion near the front door, were very friendly. Silver, the stallion, tried chewing on my leather jacket, and was also bopping to the music on the radio. As we were leaving and I was saying goodbye to Silver, he really got a good grip on my jacket, and seemed loath to let go. No damage, just slobber!

One of the colts tried chewing on my knuckles, and is really just getting the hang of the notion that not everyone is going to stick a needle in him. Bogart seemed to like the idea that some of the people he meets might just want to be friends.

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