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I had game two's score dead on in my predictions on Friday, though I missed on game one. I said 4-1, 3-2. It was instead 5-0, 3-2!

I can't tell you how relieved I am that there's no game three tonight! The best-of-three quarterfinal series ended with a second win last night for Cornell men's ice hockey, and they're off to Albany for the ECAC championship tournament!

Last night's game went into overtime, and I hate overtime. It was definitely an exciting game, perhaps a little too exciting. Clarkson must've gotten a real talking-to from their coach after Friday night's horrid performance, and they were certainly more prepared on Saturday. Cornell got off to a slow start, and thank goodness came back to tie both times the Golden Knights got ahead. The game-winner was just Topher Scott's second, an absolutely gorgeous goal that, like so many, I saw in slow motion as he lofted the puck past the Clarkson goalie.

Nice to see Sam Paolini's dad still coming to games. He was the first fan on the ice at the end of the game! Sam Jr. was apparently just traded last week, and is doing well... his dad said he had a goal and an assist last night.

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