Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


seity1 and I saw "Robots" last night, cleverly scheduled to take advantage of both the free-popcorn Tuesdays deal at Regal (if you're a Regal Crown Club member) and five extra points if you see the movie this week.

I felt the movie had a slightly slow start that didn't grip me right away, and I remember briefly thinking I should have waited to see this one on DVD or TV and saved the $9. I'm not certain when that impression changed, but it may have been the "cross-town express" sequence... a hilarious and creative Rube Goldberg montage.

Overall, I'm pleased we went to see the movie! It was fun and well done, and I enjoyed a lot of the tiny background details that were there for the adults to pick up. Some great voice characterizations, including a good performance from Halle Berry, who I hadn't expected would impress me. The little kid behind us was a bit chatty, but not so much so that I got upset. (It's a kids' movie; kids sitting nearby and chatting a bit is to be expected.)

You'll gain something by seeing this on the big screen if you have a chance, but it'll be worth seeing at home later if you have to wait.

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