Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Away for the weekend...

For those of you who keep track, I'll be in Albany all weekend (hmmm, lunch with a couple of you, maybe?!) and flying to New Orleans on Sunday evening! We're scheduled to return from New Orleans next Friday evening, but may end up changing that depending on whether and where Cornell ends up seeded for the NCAA regionals next weekend. If they are seeded west, either to Minneapolis or Grand Rapids, MI, I'm much less likely to try to go. If they're seeded east, to Worcester or Amherst, I'll probably want to fly back earlier and try to get to those games. The airline is usually pretty accommodating about moving you earlier on the same day; it gives them more flexibility if other people need to be rerouted later in the day. It'd even be worth a $50 or $75 change fee.

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