Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Let's Go Red!

The weekend in Albany was fantastic! Watching Cornell win the semifinal game and championship game helped, of course! The Big Red men's ice hockey team trounced the University of Vermont Catamounts on Friday afternoon, with a 3-0 shutout that included a late empty-netter, and then in a far more tension-ridden game, came from behind to defeat Harvard on Saturday for the ECAC title.

I knew playing Harvard for the championship on Saturday would make for outstanding hockey, and I was right. The win feels that much sweeter for having been so clearly earned.

Friday night, most of us watched the "undercard," the semifinal game between Colgate and Harvard, after our game was over. It was the third longest game in ECAC postseason history, 96 minutes and one second of play (compared to a sixty-minute regulation game), ending just before midnight! This might have helped tire out Colgate and Harvard for Saturday's action, though that didn't stop Colgate from besting Vermont in the consolation game.

Am I evil to take pleasure in knowing that Vermont lost their two last games, ever, in ECAC action? This was their last season in the league; they're changing leagues for next year.

Yesterday morning at 11, the seedings for the NCAA regional tournaments were announced; Cornell is playing Ohio State in the first round of the west regional in Minneapolis this coming weekend. Seriously thinking about trying to go.

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