Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Outstanding Wednesday

Breakfast at [info]Brennan's is pretty much everything it's cracked up to be. Between dinner there on Monday and breakfast yesterday, I'm not interesting in any fancy or expensive meals for a while, but this was well worth it. I'll get more into the menus when I get back. The highlight? Not surprisingly, the bananas Foster.

The rest of yesterday, we spent on what marrus called a "daylight carouse." We met up with her (she's a friend of Joy's) after breakfast and checked out her artwork at her neat co-op gallery, Dutch Alley, where a couple of Icelandic women took advantage of her timely presence to talk to the artist herself before buying some pieces.

From there, it was off to the first of... well, "several" drinks doesn't quite cover it. Most of the rest of the day and evening were spent enjoying the fine beverage selection to be found in the not always obvious, but probably best, establishments of the French Quarter... including the outstanding coffee at the Cafe du Monde, enjoyed with some beignets. Along the way, we returned to the tour shop where we'd met a couple of Marrus's friends, and liberated Bartlett as his shift was ending. He showed us still more fine places to drink! We stopped around 1am, I guess, and headed back up Bourbon Street one last time to catch the streetcar back to John's.

I think I needed that!

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