Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Finally actually back from New Orleans. Travel snafus leapt out to attack us, thanks to our connecting flight from National to Syracuse being cancelled in between our leaving John's house and our getting to the airport. I'd even called US Airways when I'd seen the delays, to see if we should be rerouted. By the time we got to the airport, we had to be rerouted badly, i.e. United through Chicago.

All things considered, we did OK, though considering we'd begun our journey thinking we were traveling first class and getting in at 10:24, there was plenty of frustration to be had. It was especially annoying that our longer flight had no food, and we'd planned on being fed. No time to get anything at the airport by the time we knew we needed to.

I'm definitely exhausted, but figured I wouldn't be able to just climb into a cold bed and be asleep instantly. So... a quick post. Not going to try reading all of yours until tomorrow! I think the house has reached the low 60s by now, so I can actually remove more clothing and hit the hay. G'night!

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