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"He's baaaack!"

Happy Easter to those celebrating that nice Jewish boy from a while back who just wouldn't stay away. My thanks to Dana and Missy for their Easter card, and to Core, Reed, and Addy for the gorgeous postcard!

More hockey chez MHA today; right now the northeast final between UNH and Denver, then at 3:30 Cornell vs Minnesota in the west final, along with leftover pizza and wings. There's lots of leftover pizza, thanks to Napoli delivering the wrong pizza at first. They gave us someone else's bacon pizza, and I had to call to ask for our pepperoni and mushroom pizza!

I slept until noon today, waking up just in time to turn on the first hockey game. :-) I should now be pretty much caught up on sleep from over a week with not enough; as long as I get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, it won't be too hard to get up for work tomorrow! At least we were only one time zone off.

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