Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I turned on the TV for a little bit when I was awake around 5am, to find Keith was no longer anchoring MSNBC. (Phew.) And again a little before 11. No real news either time. Others have commented on the constant stream of reporting the lack of news; this impending news may be one of the few instances where I can honestly say it's right for the world's news organizations to hold a vigil, along with the tens of thousands who'd converged on St. Peter's, and let the remaining billions of us join in if we chose. I wasn't near a TV when I learned a couple of hours ago of the Bishop of Rome's passing; Lynne's daughter called her as we left lunch.

The Sirens again kicked ass in this morning's game, with something along the lines of a 5-1 final score against the Rochester Susan B's, who'd been the victors in the previous matchup I'd seen, in Lansing. The rink, the Genessee Valley Arena, is a municipal facility with a rink and an outdoor pool, and a fairly impressive snack bar. Last night I had a chicken parm sub that was quite good, and this morning they had a "breakfast buffet" set up in addition to cooking items to order. $6.95 included juice, coffee, eggs, potatoes, waffles, and grilled ham; the ham alone looked and smelled great, but having availed myself of the hotel's free breakfast, I decided to resist temptation.

This turned out to be the right move; everyone wanted to head to Dinosaur Bar-B-Q after the game! I had a great Cuban sandwich (Dinosaur's version has pulled pork, ham, swiss, and pickles on a roll) with some cheddar and ale soup, and a side of the day that was essentially broccoli slaw. Mmm. From there, most of us went to the Land's End "Inlet" to check out the bargains. I found a good pair of sneakers nice 'n cheap, and also turned in my beat-up shoes that have been coming apart. She's pretty sure they can't be repaired, and they no longer have that model, so they're going to mail me a gift card for the value of the shoes. I like lifetime warranties and no-questions-asked return policies. From there, most of the gang headed back to the hotel rooms and seity1 and I went to Beers of the World. Some great stuff there! I'm glad it's 100+ miles away, or I'd spend a lot of money on beer every week! Among the finds: some of the Abita Turbodog that Joy and I enjoyed so much in New Orleans.

Right now I'm availing myself of the hotel's free wireless, which is limited to the lobby, bar, and breakfast room areas; comfy leather couches in the lobby are perfect. Also, a cup of coffee. It'll be time to head to the rink again soon for tonight's game! Then we'll find out whether the Sirens continue on with the semifinal round (9:00 or 10:15am), and relax for the evening accordingly.

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