Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Burger hot!

Sirens won again! They kicked some serious ass, with a final score along the lines of 6-0 again. Deb's looking great in goal, though she's not getting an awful lot of shots. The Sirens are mostly keeping the puck in the other team's zone.

Off to "The Distillery" after the game; it's a brewpub Joy recommended. It was pretty crowded, with people not leaving when they were done because of the basketball games, but we were eventually seated and had some good food. I had a "Rochester Original Burger," which a spicy meat sauce very similar to what Rudy's serves. Bigger burger, though.

Early semifinal tomorrow (9am, which comes an hour earlier thanks to the start of daylight saving time) so we're hitting the hay early. No room parties tonight! I guess I shouldn't go to sleep too soon; I'm still full!

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