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Long night of bowling and sci-fi!

Well, it's almost 3 am, and I just got back from dropping off a carload (and then some) of folks after we wrapped up the Cornell Sci Fi Society "end-of-semester event." I've only been to a few of their meetings/events, but it's a cool group... basically a follow-on to CUSFA, which I was in when I was a student.

We went bowling at Ide's for an hour or so, then headed to Will's place, where we watched a ST:TNG episode, then "Frequency," and "Deep Impact." I'd seen the latter, but "Frequency" was new for me, and a lot of fun. It was more worth seeing than it had seemed in the trailers... even though I'd wanted to see it based on the trailer! :-)

Feels a little odd to be hanging out with college kids again; I did that a lot for a while when WVBR was a social thing. Especially since its move, it really hasn't been. Also have hung out a bit with some Helpdesk folks, but they don't feel like students any more. (Heck, some of 'em aren't.) And of course, finding 19-year-olds attractive is just frustrating. :-P

Ah well! Time for bed!

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