Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Where you live...

Courtesy of sproing...

1. ...did you have to turn your clocks forward one hour this weekend?

2. ...what is the price of gasoline?
$2.38 for regular and $2.58 for premium at the nearest gas station. The lowest in town is probably 8-10 cents cheaper.

3. ...which natural disasters, if any, do you have to worry about?

4. you have a local newspaper, and if so, do you subscribe to it?
Yes, and No. I sometimes skim it online.

5. you subscribe to a local cable company for television viewing?
No, satellite.

6. ...what is the speed limit on your road/street?

7. far do you have to drive to the nearest post office?
About 4 miles to the downtown substation, and about six to the main post office.

8. ...what is the average temperature in April?

9. ...what is the average temperature in December?

10. ...are your four seasons drastically different from one another?

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