Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


They don't build monitors like they used to! I just ended up having to carry a big, bulky, old CRT monitor over to Lightlink's server room on Maple Ave, to plug into the WVBR streaming audio server that I needed to move up there.

The evening began with some free beer tasting, and munchies and additional beer paid for by a Simeon's gift certificate I got for old web work for them, at [info]Simeon's on the Commons with Michelle and Alex and Joy.

Then, as long as I was downtown, I called Homer to see if I could grab the server from its downtown location and move it to the new one. Yup, he was in, and it was a good time. He's even less of a morning person than I am! (There's a sign on their office/apartment door warning delivery people not to wake them before noon.)

So we detached the server from its spot in the downtown server room and brought it up the hill. Unfortunately, it's an old Mac, and I was trying to hook up a newer flatscreen monitor with a VGA port, so the connectors weren't compatible! I went over to my office to see if there was an adapter there, and instead I found an old Apple 19" multiscan monitor with the correct old-Mac-video style connector. Had to schlep that across the street.

Got everything reconfigured with the new IP address, the streaming's working, and I got home, and sure enough found two appropriate adapters, one each on top of each of my two dressers, even though those adapters have definitely never been used in this house, or probably even this millennium. I'll go back with one tomorrow and get rid of the bulky monitor.

Meantime, my lower back is now sore from dragging that thing up and down stairs! Too bad I don't have a hot tub...

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