Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A pleasant Saturday

I don't know why I virtually never go to the Collegetown Bagels outlet at East Hill Plaza, two minutes from my house. I began yesterday there, since it was the 11:30am departure point for the USS Accord "meal and a mission." The whitefish salad on a bagel has gotten really expensive! It's over $5. Ended up having melted cheddar on a California bagel (honey-wheat with raisins, oats, etc. baked in) and a small cup of the day's coffee, Gimme!'s new Piccolo Mondo fair-trade organic coffee. It was so-so.

The day was just about perfect for a drive down to Binghamton! I'd brought a couple of handheld radios to communicate between cars, which is a great way to convoy. redfyre and his carload vanished, but queenmabwords and annabellea and pkdan and kinnerc were in the Mabmobile, and I joined Emma and bdouglas in their car. I navigated with the directions Dave had thoughtfully printed out -- for both cars, since Dan couldn't find the sheet he took. Yay for radios!

I really like the Roberson Museum and Science Center, our destination in Binghamton. It's not a huge or fancy museum by any means, but a very nice collection of exhibits that includes a Binghamton visitor's center with some history of the area, and a great aviation history display. Binghamton is really one of the cradles of aviation, with a very long history of air service and air shows, and one of the earliest flight simulators.

We were there for a planetarium show, though. The topic was the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and its moons, and I was both pleased and disappointed that it wasn't the same pre-packaged show that I'd seen in Boston in January. Pleased because there was lots of more-recent info and imagery, and disappointed because John Billingsley was such a great narrator! Our planetarium host did a great job, though.

After we'd explored a bit of the museum after the show, the red-Volkswagen crew headed back to Ithaca for a nap, and the rest of us proceeded to Cracker Barrel for a good late lunch. (The 11am bagel made that feasible!) Since I'd had chicken fried steak for lunch on Friday, I had to think of something else to eat at Cracker Barrel; Grandpa's Country Breakfast, featuring chicken fried steak, is my usual there. I ended up with Uncle Hershel's breakfast, a bit smaller than my usual, with some salt-cured country ham along with eggs, grits, biscuits, and fried apples. On the way out, I took advantage of the rare visit to a local Cracker Barrel (I usually visit them on long trips) and bought some cast iron cookware as a present to myself! Cracker Barrel has very affordable Lodge cookware, the best cast iron cookware on the planet!

After we got back, I decided I wanted to take one last road trip in my old car, so I drove up the east side of Otisco Lake (photos to come) and back down the east side of Cayuga Lake, stopping for a late supper at Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles along the way. Walked over to the Krebs, which opens for the season on April 30th!

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