Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cast iron...

For those who're curious... I bought a 10 1/4" skillet and a 5-quart dutch oven. The selection of Lodge cookware at this Cracker Barrel wasn't too bad, especially after I realized there was another shelf a few yards away, but they definitely didn't have quite the variety that some stores have.

Had to think about whether I wanted the 10 1/4" skillet or the larger one (12"?) and eventually decided to go with the smaller; I have some larger skillets already. But I also decided the sole dutch oven sitting there was too good to pass up! I've never had a dutch oven, and I look forward to playing with this one.

The skillet saw its first use for brunch today. I cut up some leftover onions and mushrooms and cooked them a bit in a little oil, then added eggs, using up the last couple of duck eggs and the previous batch of fresh chicken eggs from roosterhillfarm. (I have a new fresh dozen from last week that I haven't opened yet!) Melting in a little triple-sharp cheddar when the eggs were almost cooked made them even yummier, and there was wheat toast, as well.

I need to get some Pam or similar cooking spray to use with the cast iron! I'll carefully pick one that leaves out the yucky propellants and other unfun additives; I know there are some that are really just cooking oil in a spray, and that'll be perfect. Olive oil and paper towel works, too, but the spray gives you better coverage with less oil. Better coverage is key for the health of your cast iron, and less oil is key for the health of your body!

Already had a dish brush and a plastic scrubby, and between them, I got all of the egg out of the pan fairly easily. That'll get easier still as the cast iron ages and seasons more. It's "pre-seasoned" from the factory, which is pretty neat. I would probably have chosen raw cast iron given the choice, but Cracker Barrel doesn't put those in the stores any more.

I'll have to remember to take those items off my Amazon wishlist; there are several other pieces of cast iron I'd love to end up with in the coming months and years. I'll also try to find some small oven skillets like Bistro Q served their skillet breakfasts in, complete with matching wood holders. On their last day I asked if they were selling any, but apparently they were leaving all that stuff for whoever was moving in next.

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