Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


This is the lightest I've been in quite a while, I suspect. My tendency to eat less during Passover no doubt has a little something to do with it. (Hey, maybe the carb craze is onto something after all. I'm sure eating less pasta and bread and drinking less beer this week. i.e., none.)

Dinner was fun last night, though I would have been happier if the pot roast had turned out more like it did last spring, in the old crock pot I'd borrowed from Joy. This new large crock pot is certainly conveniently large and dishwasher-safe, but it really overheats the food. I don't feel like I can leave it alone to cook overnight or all day, which is supposed to be the point! I don't want to come back a few hours later and find that it's boiling on low.

The pot roast was still tasty, and the meat sure was tender.

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