Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mmmm, waffles

Fresh waffles at the beginning of the training session this morning helped to make up for the low-level sleep-deprivation headache I've had most of the day!

They even went and found some real maple syrup in the kitchen when I asked if the carafe of syrup out on the buffet table was real. (I'm not the healthiest eater in the world, but I do try to avoid putting artificial crap in my body whenever possible.) She said that, believe it or not, people seemed to prefer the taste of the fake maple-flavoured processed corn-syrup glop.

La Tourelle isn't batting a thousand, but they're certainly proving to be responsive in that, where they're coming up short, they're willing to make adjustments based on comments and requests. Yesterday, they had all 25 of us crammed around three tables of 8 for lunch. (You do the math; someone pulled a ninth chair up to one of the tables.) I asked if they could come up with something to give us more elbow room, since even eight was pushing it at those round tables. (Just because you can fit eight chairs does not mean you'll be able to fit eight people and their meals.) Today, there was a fourth table on the upper level so we could spread out.

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