Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Sitting in one room all day, all week, with a constant stream of meals and snacks, after a weekend with lots of good food, is edging my weight back up! This morning's breakfast was uninspiring, but lunch was a very interesting white chicken chili. Again, anyone with a fairly narrow taste for food would probably be unhappy.

Today's session itself was very powerful. One of our colleagues came for the afternoon to lead a dialog about trust, which applies in multiple ways. Do we trust each other to do our jobs? Trust someone to be honest? Trust that the organization will do right by us? All different, but all related.

Much as I'd rather not have to get up early all week to drive up to La Tourelle, a considerably longer drive than my normal commute (but still very short compared to some of your commutes), I can't feel too sorry for myself knowing that Barb normally works third shift at the NOC and would be sleeping pretty much exactly the stretch of time she's spending with us.

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