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This morning's sudden revelation that the little bit of leftover potato salad I made for yesterday's party (details in recipe_sharing) would make good home fries turned out to be spot on. They were lemonier than any home fries I'd ever had before, but they were tasty, and having been made with an olive-oil-based dressing, didn't need any shortening in the pan.

While I was heating those up on one side of my cast-iron skillet, I placed four eggs on the other side, after first cracking them into a cup to be safe. I almost always order my eggs over easy in diners, but this is the first time in a long time I've done it myself. I almost always make scrambled eggs or an omelet with stuff added. Today for some reason I was in the mood to make fried eggs, so I did. Only one of the four yolks broke, which I guess isn't too bad considering how out of practice I am!

The yolk that broke came out "over medium" instead of over easy, but otherwise the eggs seemed perfect. The sound of cooking drew Joy out of her room in time for me to make it four eggs instead of two, and everything is now getting clean inside the dishwasher. (Except for the cast iron skillet, of course.)

roosterhillfarm eggs really work well and taste good! I'm running low on my current supply, so will need to get more soon.

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