Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'm behind...

Behind in lots of things, not least of which being my habit of posting regularly to talk about what I'm up to! Apologies to those who miss reading about the minutiae of my life. (Both of you.)

Also behind in finishing the new issue of 14850 Magazine, for which I actually have a critical mass of content, some of which arrived last week. It morphed from a pretty light issue to a pretty full one in no time flat, so I'm now feeling especially bad that I haven't gotten it all online. Soon.

Behind on updating the Willow web site, so I've finally uploaded what I have to force myself to speed up the process. The woefully inadequate site by someone else who no longer had time for it was really getting old, and Sean and Amy had approved my new design a couple of weeks ago. (That they first sat on it for a couple of weeks certainly slowed me down.)

Behind on Newsweek. That's nothing new, though. I virtually never finish an issue much before the next arrives the following Tuesday. I'm almost done with last week's, and cracked this week's last night after getting in bed. Since I fell asleep pretty quickly, I didn't read much.

Behind on sleep. I hoped to catch up from last week over the weekend, but waking up early Saturday kinda scuttled that plan. Waking up early yesterday got in the way, too. I should be able to get a reasonable night's sleep the next few nights.

Behind on reading. I still haven't finished Bangkok 8, lent to me months ago by Sue, whom I used to see regularly at Willow. Haven't seen her in ages! I think it's partly because she's mostly there on Wednesdays, and I'm mostly there other nights lately. Also the book I bought nearly two months ago at Jack's suggestion, before going to New Orleans. And the new Grisham book I got at the same time. I need to set aside a weekend to just read.

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