Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Keep your fork, Prince. There's pie!"

We had three newcomers at last night's well-attended Meetup... jccohen (new just to Willow), plus zimarra and Mindy (whose LJ username I don't know). Believe it or not, she was the first of two Mindys I met last night... which is especially odd considering that the only two Mindys I've ever known before, I've never actually met in person! I was really glad these two came and seemed to have fun.

Joy and John and I had further plans involving Hot Truck subs, but we weren't quite ready for that. After a couple of hours at Willow, we moseyed on to [info]Felicia's Atomic Lounge. First, though, we called John's friend Jenn, who's graduating this weekend. She met us down there, and the others had drinks while I had a slice of Amelia's marvelous three-berry pie.

On the way out, I said hi to Megan-Mack, who'd come in and was sitting near the end of the bar, and introduced her and Joy. She leapt up and gave me a tight hug and tried to hide the bandage on her forehead; she's being silly and not taking the prescribed painkillers, but at least she's willing to have a drink or two. I bought her one when I paid for my pie.

From there, more beer seemed to be the consensus, and Jenn lives near and likes the Chapter House, so we went there. That's where I met the other Mindy, who grabbed my arm while we were talking about which beers to get, and dragged me over to the bar. She was buying a round of Irish Car Bombs for everyone in reach, and I guess she figured I could use one! She pressed the two glasses into my hands, and those of a few other folks, and we drank. The Black Heart Stout I'd chosen lasted a lot longer. :-) We then dropped Jenn at home and headed up the hill, where we watched a "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" and a "Simpsons" before going to bed.

John was showering when I left this morning, and he's probably off to Syracuse by now for a stop at Dinosaur BBQ and then his flight home.

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