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A letter to the Honorable Maurice D. Hinchey...

Congressman Hinchey, I'm writing you today about U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257, the new revisions to the Federal Labeling & Recordkeeping Law that pertain to the online adult community. As far as I can tell after researching the situation via the Free Speech Coalition web site, the regulations slated to go into effect next week will impose a crushing burden of effort and expense on participants in the adult community and online industry, whether they're hobbyist personal web site owners, small adult web site entrepreneurs, or large businesses.

This crushing burden of effort and expense can be to no legitimate, meaningful benefit in the prevention of exploitation of minors. The sick individuals who perpetrate such things will not pay any more attention to these new laws than they do to minimum age requirements to begin with; the burden will only affect individuals who are already making an honest effort to obey the law.

I urge you to read for the best analysis I've yet seen of this topic and the unfair and absurd burden it will place on small/home business owners and hobbyist webmasters. I further urge you to work with the Free Speech Coalition to revise U.S.C. Title 18 so that it will provide the protection it seeks to provide to our children without stifling free expression in its fully legal forms.

P.S. to my readers... I'm joining the Free Speech Coalition. You should, too. (I'm already a card-carrying member of the ACLU.)
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