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Mall traffic and shopping success

They really need to rethink Pyramid Drive, the main road from Triphammer Road down to Pyramid Mall that also serves the Ramada Inn, and now carries traffic to and from the Tops supermarket, the Hollywood Video, and the Applebee's and Kyushu Restaurants. It's just not working as is.

I don't usually head to the mall on weekend afternoons (except occasionally for matinee movies) but wanted to take advantage of the last day of the 15% discount coupon I had at Borders for the month of August. It's the last of the series of coupons they handed out during their first few weeks, though they also e-mail you coupons; there was a 20% one last month.

Had to pick up the Blues Brothers 2000 DVD I'd special-ordered, and the cashier took an extra moment to find a way to give me the 15% off that, even though the coupon isn't supposed to apply to special orders. He poked through their product listing until he could decide it's something they would normally stock, and then gave me the 15% off even though the register didn't want to. Yet another reason I like this store.

Also picked up four other DVDs; I'd gone in thinking I'd look for the new Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and walked up to the register with that, Dave, the American President, and Tommy.

Then I saw a couple copies of Tom Clancy's new book, Red Rabbit, behind the register, with little 30% off stickers. Definitely need that!

So I saved almost $10 on a $30 book, and another $13+ on several DVDs. So I spent more than twice as much as I planned; I came out with three times as much stuff. :-)

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