Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Freedom to smash things!

For Danny has an interesting take on the meaning of Memorial Day!

I'm not planning to exercise my freedom to smash, but I will exercise my freedom to enjoy a bit of the outdoors and the company of friends. Meantime, I'll be happy that the service members I know have all come home safely from their deployments, and sad that not everyone's as fortunate. Today also marks the anniversary of the passing of the brother of a friend, a brother I could well have met in the year we shared at Cornell.

Meantime, I have friends who graduated from Cornell yesterday, some leaving and some not, some happy about it and some not. Friends who recently graduated from other places, and one more graduation coming up next week! Friends looking for jobs, one friend who just left the job without which I wouldn't know him. Friends with newborn babies and pregnant friends. Friends undergoing surgery and friends and family members walking or riding for a cause. Friends enjoying married life or celebrating their engagement, and even friends working on reconciliation.

Good luck to all of us! :-) Happy Memorial Day.

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