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Done camping!

It almost goes without saying that a weekend of Stephen and Teddy's Excellent Adventure will involve some rain! seity1 and zikzak5 and I drove to the Poconos on Friday afternoon, and it started raining as we got close. There was light rain off and on, and heavier rain most of the night! It stopped around 6:30 yesterday morning.

Happily, the weather yesterday and last night was fantastic! We had good weather for a visit to the nearby flea market, a dip in the (just a bit too cold) pool, and an evening of relaxing around campfires. As always, we ate well, too!

Pretty sure it's been two years to the week since I've joined the camping group, but it was nice to see that many of the same faces were there; some of them I never see anywhere else. There were also some very cool newcomers. Denise has gone with me before (almost three years ago) and everyone was happy to see her again.

I'd vaguely planned to get some reading done this weekend, but didn't crack even a single book! That's fine. Got to catch up with a lot of folks, including Stephanie Campbell, who graduated with her Masters degree a few weeks ago, and has a new job.

Good tuna-noodle casserole for dinner, and I'm now half-watching the Tony Awards. I'll probably give in to the temptation to go to sleep before long!

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