Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Glad I walked...

After dinner in midtown Manhattan with my family, I walked uptown about 20 blocks to meet other relatives for a few hours, while my parents went to a concert they'd planned months ago (and I didn't want them to try to find me an extra ticket for).

By now I'm used to running into people I know wherever I go; I'm notorious for it! But it's still a bit of a surprise when it happens in Manhattan. I suppose it shouldn't be. The more populous areas have much better odds of containing someone I know, right?

Anyway, Jessica was a newscaster at WVBR a couple of years ago, and graduated last December after having also been out of town for one of Cornell's semester-elsewhere programs. She's now working for ABC News, as a booker for their new ABC News Now service.

The walk uptown was pleasant, though I was glad I did it after the storm front passed through, knocking the temperature down about 20 degrees. It was still humid, but not too bad. I got to the restaurant they were all eating at just as they were finishing, and walked back to my aunt and uncle's to relax for a bit.

Our dinner at Molyvos was good, though not spectacular. The service was so-so; I think our waiter thinks a lot more of his talents than he's entitled to. One amusing tidbit... I ordered my entrée using the Greek that was shown in the menu, instead of the English translation. He looked at me blankly and said "I don't speak Greek." I answered, "Neither do I," and told him the English. Sorry, but if you're a waiter in a Greek restaurant that has the Greek names for the dishes in the menu, you need to learn to recognize them. Especially since it's pretty much their signature dish.

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