Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mmm, garlic!

Today didn't start really well, but ended up being a fantastic day.

I'd gone to sleep at almost 4:30, so the pre-9:00 am call from American Express to make sure I was going to send in my minimum payment this month was not welcome. I expressed this to them. When I said "It's really early to be calling on a Saturday," the woman said "Well, we have to be at work at 8."

For a little while it felt as though I wasn't going to fall asleep again, but I guess I did. Woke up around 1. Much better. :-)

Got over to Borders, but you know that.

Then went with a pair of friends (one human, one canine) to Kappa Delta Rho for this afternoon's benefit concert for Ithaca Youth Bureau. There were three bands playing; the last was Ned Pepper, which my friend Aaron is the drummer for. He was not only a fraternity brother but also a fellow sportsie at WVBR, back when I was very active at that. Good to see him again. (The band's in Rochester, so he's not here all that often.)

Dinner at Turback's was exceptional, which wasn't a surprise. The waiter didn't really do all that good a job, but he seemed to be making an effort. :-) Just needs experience, I guess. Turback's is in the middle of their Garlic Festival, so we ingested a LOT of garlic tonight. The owner treated us to the bottle of wine we'd ordered, so the eight of us only ended up spending a total of a bit over $300. :-)

Finally, some of that group came back for cigars and scotch on my deck. And now, I think, sleep. My brother's checking his e-mail in the other room.

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