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I just broke my normally inviolable rule, and clicked the link to respond to the challenge in a challenge-response mail-filtering scheme. The idea behind these is that a human sending e-mail to a recipient for the first time must prove he or she is a human, just once, and then his or her mail will get through. These piss me off. I think they violate everything e-mail and the Internet are about.

Generally, I ignore all such challenges that reach me. I want to make sure people realize that they are interfering with mail they may want to receive when they set up tools like this. Sane people using such systems periodically skim their not-yet-approved mail queue to see if anything's trapped that they want to see. Less sane users of such systems... well, I generally don't care whether they see my note.

Today, though, I need this person to get my e-mail in a timely manner. See, she has something of mine that I need back, soon, and I don't want her to be able to say, "Oh, sorry, you didn't click the link, so I never got your mail."

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