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Not a good day to be a zombie

I'm hosting "Bound for Glory" tonight for a vacationing Phil, so a good night's sleep would have come in handy. Unfortunately, several factors conspired to keep me from falling asleep last night, not least being the heat and what must've been a great party a few houses away. The persistent honking every few minutes around 4am was a nice touch.

And I suppose I can't blame Deb for wanting to get the weed-whacking out of the way this morning, before the temperature climbed back up toward 90, but having gotten off to such a bad start, I wish the night had lasted later than 10:30.

I'm glad I went to the Chariot with scrog and Joy and Staci, and then over to the Reunion tents on the Arts Quad last night. Got a chance to talk to some fun folks, including some fraternity brothers I rarely see and a local alum from the Class of 1944 who I see monthly, because we're both involved in the local alumni association. Got Hot Truck from the actual truck, instead of from Shortstop, though I saved most of it for an early pre-BFG dinner. Oh, and the Chariot was already out of corn nuggets before we got there. They'll probably be open today for food, though they're running out of stuff left and right, and tomorrow and maybe Tuesday for bar only, for the basketball game.

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