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Dave's Plane

Dave's Plane
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Last Friday I finally got to see zikzak5's plane; he took me flying last summer to get aerial photos of my house, but it wasn't in his plane. He ended up not flying his plane to Ithaca last summer because of bad weather when he was ready to travel, and happily was able to bring it along this time.

We talked last August about him teaching me how to fly, and last week we picked up those discussions now that he's back. I was all set to join the East Hill Flying Club so he could teach me on one of their smaller, slower planes, which would be much easier to learn on.

Unfortunately, Dave was told yesterday that EHFC policy doesn't allow a member to teach a friend how to fly! So, I've been waiting for ten months and now he can't teach me in one of their planes. He'll give me some lessons in his plane, but that won't be ideal for me to learn.

Dave and I and a couple of other friends (it's a four-seater) are trying to plan a weekend jaunt by air. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!
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