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I can sympathize with glithander.... we somehow forgot to arrange for mid-afternoon coffee at the conference! There are really good cookies, and lemonade and iced tea, but no coffee for the attendees. Happily, the little Bear Necessities convenience store downstairs has fresh (more or less) "Seattle's Best" coffee for sale. I grabbed a cup down there.

Passable, if uninspiring, breakfast and lunch upstairs. They're obviously not in full operation mode; most of the food stations are closed, so the selections are very limited, especially compared with the dinner I had with dyanearden a couple of months ago at the other north campus dining hall. There was a little of everything that night!

Tonight there's an off-site picnic that they're busing us to. Nice to have a couple of days without having to pay for food.

Right now I'm sitting in a Dell/Microsoft presentation; it's the first time all day the vendor presentation track room is nearly empty. It was SRO for the Apple presentation this morning. Not too surprising that campus lab management makes for a very Mac-heavy audience.

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