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I was a little leery of last night's conference picnic at Taughannock Falls State Park, since we were taking a bus out and back, and would more or less be stranded out there for a few hours, but I shouldn't have worried. Cornell Catering did a decent if not spectacular job with a simple spread of salad, corn on the cob, beans, and boneless grilled chicken, and there was a keg of crappy domestic beer, but the highlight of the picnic was probably the table with about a dozen wines, one from each of a bunch of Cayuga Lake wineries, for people to taste. A representative from King Ferry Winery, which makes Treleaven wines, was there pouring the tastes and chatting with people about local wines.

Even better than the wine, though, was the walk over to the falls. I figured that would be a good way to kill some time, and asked a couple of people if they'd be interested in tagging along. Before we left, I shouted out that anyone who was interested could join us, and that it was a pretty easy and level walk.

I figured five or ten people would get up, but I soon found myself in a group of what must've been sixty or so conference attendees, trooping across Route 89 and heading along the trail. We had a good walk to and from the falls, and even got a group picture at the falls end of the trail.

On the way back, we saw a few high school kids jumping off the low cliff about a hundred yards in from the parking lot, and I took some pictures. One of the kids was impressed with one of the shots I got, so I gave him my e-mail address so he can get the pictures later. They're still in my camera, but I'll retrieve them and put them in my Flickr queue soon.

We got back to campus around 9, and I'm sure lots of us got a good night's sleep after some fresh air and mild exercise.

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