Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Extra crispy!

I just amused someone by answering "Extra crispy!" to her "How are you doing?" IM. I've been running around all day, including Gimme! first thing, then poking the recalcitrant web server, etc., and I'm definitely ready to collapse.

Nice brief visit with jccohen this afternoon; I walked onto campus to get lunch and go to a meeting, and stopped at his office on the way to drag him out into the sunshine. Got to have a couple of hot dogs at the stand in front of Day Hall before my meeting in there, and even got a free dog... they were doing two-for-one when we got there, to clear out the rest of the dogs before they closed for the day.

Had some coffee during and after the meeting, but suddenly I'm wondering if Sandie had decaf in the office. Hope not. That's bad for you! *yawn*

Finally cancelled service on an old TiVo so I can pass it along to its next home and they can activate it. No idea what happens if you try to activate a TiVo that already has a subscription!

I think I'm ready to leave, do the necessary shopping, and sit on the deck with a beer. I've had enough basement for today.

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