Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Special deals at Pete's today!

WVBR's Rock and Roll Patrol (including yours truly) will be at Pete's Grocery and CITGO gas station today from 4-6, so stop by on your way home for some WVBR prizes and some great deals from Pete's! In honor of the visit from 93.5 FM, Pete's every 9 minutes and 35 seconds will give someone at the pumps their gas (up to ten gallons) for 93.5 cents a gallon! Plus two-liter sodas for 93 cents, and buy one sandwich get one for 93 cents, all running from 4-6pm while we're there. C'mon in and tell them you heard about it from WVBR! (And come say hi to me if we haven't met! I'm in a grey WVBR polo shirt.)

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