Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Mm, lightning

Thanks to #ithaca for reminding me of last night's storm, which I really enjoyed from my deck. I sat outside as the lightning flashes and then the thunderclaps grew closer, watching as the sky lit up blindingly bright, silhouetting the house with the chimney and satellite dish in sharp relief. The air was growing quickly cooler, until it was quite refreshing.

Very soon after I went back inside to get some sleep, it started pouring, so my timing was perfect. I woke up about 40 minutes late today, with a vague recollection of having hit snooze... though I'm pretty sure I didn't hit it that many times. I may have inadvertently turned the radio off.

Right now I'm enjoying a lunch at my desk of leftover penne that I made the other night, with Paul Newman's marinara sauce that I doctored with sauteed garlic and sliced black olives. Woo! I successfully ate it all and washed the bowl without getting any sauce on my white shirt or tan pants.

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