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Texas Ho!

I'm mostly done with my packing for tomorrow's three-leg trip to San Antonio for the STARFLEET International Conference weekend. Probably won't be hitting the hotel at all until Friday, though, as I'm renting a car and driving up to Austin to meet up with underwear_gnome and shaynabelle, and one or two other people I don't know, for margaritas, Mexican food, and perhaps a visit to Open Screen Night at the Alamo Drafthouse. Apparently whoever brings something can show it in the theater. Funky! Definitely looking forward to my first visit to an Alamo Drafthouse, a small regional theatre chain that doesn't let in anyone under 21 (woo!) and serves beer and other refreshments!

Friday I'll head back to San Antonio and relax at the hotel; I won't have to wait until check-in time, since I'm now rooming with Martin, who also had a room to himself. No sense each of us paying for a whole room! I asked on starfleet-l if anyone wanted my room, and if I don't hear anything soon, I'll go ahead and cancel it tonight.

Friday through Sunday early afternoon I'll probably be pretty well tied up, then Sunday night or Monday I'm hoping to get to see notthistimefool and corredance. I guess I'd even have time for breakfast with someone on Tuesday, since my flight isn't until early afternoon. Or I may call the airline and ask if they want to move me to an earlier flight. Getting home earlier would be a happy thing.

Going to spend a lot of tomorrow's travel time working, partly so I don't have to burn a whole vacation day and partly because there's really stuff I've been slacking on.

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