Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I'll be late, but I hope not too late...

The late flight from Philadelphia to O'Hare got even later, and I would not have made the flight, so I'm glad the helpful US Airways gate agent worked at finding me another route. I'm now booked on Delta through Atlanta, arriving in San Antonio at 6:23 instead of 5:27.

And, I'm inhaling a couple of hot dogs and a pint of Yuengling at the pub near the gate, since the three fast food stands are mobbed. I gather this is one of the busiest days in PHL's history, since not only is it the start of a holiday travel weekend with most flights sold out or close to it, but they also had major weather delays and cancellations last night, leaving a lot of people stranded here. I ran into Dave Vernon as I arrived, looking a bit glazed as he headed toward his flight back to Ithaca after being stranded last night.

I'm not sure I could have helped it, but I left the secure area without realizing it, and after waiting on line for the security checkpoint for the new terminal I was supposed to go to, she told me I couldn't get in without a boarding pass, and should go "back downstairs." Well, I hadn't been downstairs, but I figured out where to go, and they told me to bypass the line on my way back. Of course, I ended up "selected" for thorough screening. Officially that's random, but in reality it happens reliably when you're rebooked.

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