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Popeye's and Glenfiddich for dessert

I'm stuck in Atlanta for a couple of hours. Apparently everything is slowed down in the entire New York to southeast corridor, so when we left Philadelphia late after getting boarded nearly on time, the captain came on the speakers and told us they'd been told to do an extra circle leaving PHL airspace and then fly about 100 knots slower than usual, to come into Atlanta later.

Naturally, the ONLY on-time flight ANYWHERE today was the one leaving Atlanta for San Antonio, which was already gone when a bunch of us got there from the Philly flight two minutes before the scheduled departure.

I asked the guy who rebooked me on the next flight for a phone card to call the friends I was going to meet tonight (which I won't actually use, but could come in handy for emergencies) and a meal voucher. Then in my excitement at finding a Popeye's I forgot to use the meal voucher! So I'm now enjoying a Glenfiddich courtesy of Delta at the Magnolia Grill.

That reminds me... more ammo in my campaign to get US Airways to start carrying decent scotch and bourbon... Delta has Glenmorangie and Blanton's on some flights!

I've already called Eric and Shay to let them know I wasn't going to hit San Antonio until about 9, so driving to Austin no longer sounded like a good idea. I'm lucky I'm rooming with Martin, since he's already checked into the hotel, a key is waiting for me, and I can just show up. I'll deal with cancelling the rental car later; Priceline says if flight delays beyond your control result in you not being able to use your prepaid rental, they'll refund it.

As J.C. commented, this mess, which is apparently being repeated all over the eastern seaboard if not all over the country, is an excellent reason not to have this conference on holiday weekends.

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