Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


After Joe Hinson lent me his PowerBook so I could try seeing my hard drive from it, but to no avail, Martin and I almost drove to Austin to go to the Apple Store. First, though, I thought it would be worth seeing if there was anyplace around here to buy Mac software or that would have a startup CD I could borrow for a few minutes.

The Circuit City right by the hotel doesn't have any Macs or Mac software (except for a couple of titles that have both Mac and Windows in the same box), but they suggested CompUSA a few miles away. Bingo! They sell Macs, and their support folks were willing to lend me a CD. It didn't appear to actually be a startup disc, though, so I bought DiskWarrior and Norton Utilities. While Martin and I had lunch at the Whattaburger across the parking lot, DiskWarrior successfully repaired my hard drive's directory problem! After lunch, we went back and I returned the unopened Norton box. :-)

I'm now retrieving over 600 e-mail messages... via my cell phone connection, since the hotel's wireless is sporked. *rolls eyes*

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