Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Slow progress

I'm making slow progress on pulling important recent files off my PowerBook hard drive, to combine with the backups I have that are several weeks old. The drive is being balky, and the recovery software is complaining about malfunctions slowing things down, so while it's possible reformatting will help, I suspect I'll need to replace it.

Mail, web site files, and photos are probably the most important to recover. Most of the remaining documents on there aren't the sort I'll need to use again, but are just archived, and most of that is backed up. (Most work files are on my work computer or on my .Mac iDisk, which means even though I created them on the laptop, they've been synchronized to Apple's servers.)

London can be proud of the way it's reacting to this morning's terrorist attacks, and I hope the casualty count stays low. (We know it will climb above the current official "2," but maybe not too much farther.) The city's spirit will undoubtedly be helped by the need to recover and put on an Olympic face.

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