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Stars and pips!

When I was promoted last December to the rank of General in STARFLEET, I commented that I'd need to find someone to inherit my old rank insignia. I'd just bought three-star rank devices, and had never even worn them!

Well, I still have the stars, but this weekend I did find someone to inherit my Vice Admiral three-pips-in-a-box insignia. Keira was promoted to Vice Admiral, and I was pleased to pass them along to her. (I wish I could remember who'd given them to me when I was promoted to VADM a couple of years ago!)

The stars, purchased at a military surplus store last fall, are very a very nice dull metal finish, rather than gold... the sort worn by flag officers in the field, where you don't want sunlight glinting off of shiny metal to give away your position. Any LGENs want 'em?

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