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He must be an editor...

While I was at my folks' house this weekend, my father wandered into the living room, where I was sitting reading my Clancy book, to ask how to spell "cell phone."

"It's two words, with cell spelled 'c-e-l-l,' right?"

Considering how much the encroaching lackofspaceisms bother me ("backyard" when you mean "back yard," or most alarming of all, the recent "cornflakes" instead of "corn flakes" in the Paper of Record), I was glad my father took the time to make sure he was spelling it right.

After a moment, when he'd wandered back into his den, I realized he wanted to know so he could spell it right in an e-mail. Since he can still count the number of e-mails he's sent, ever, without taking off his socks, I had to chuckle at this, too.

Today's extra-long drive back was worthwhile; more on that later. :-)

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