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Ahhh, fresh air!

Just got back from a chunk of afternoon at the hotel pool, including some sunshine, some cool pool and some hot tub, and lots of fresh air. It felt like the low 80s, with sun and a few clouds, nice and comfortable.

Wonder Woman is probably the most-photographed attendee at Shore Leave this year! Pictures after I get home. :-) There are definitely some other fun costumes around, as well, including Stephen and Keith in mirror-universe Trek outfits.

The one celebrity I especially wanted to see, Mary McDonnell of Battlestar Galactica fame, had to cancel at the last minute when the producers needed her in California for some re-shooting of an upcoming episode. (The new season begins next week, I think.) So, I may wander into some of the celebrity talks for the heck of it, but I may also not bother. I bought perisoft's badge from marlokat (he couldn't make it) since I'd learned I needed a badge to get into the STARFLEET meeting, but I probably could have gotten away without it. Ah well. It may come in handy later anyway.

Had my annual chat with Janice Topoleski, a USS Accord member from Ithaca who I've only ever seen at Shore Leave! She was, as usual, volunteering in the blood drive, and I saw her when I went to donate, as well as downstairs earlier.

The STARFLEET Marine Corps meeting was a bust; there'd been no advance promotion, and none of the 7th Brigade (this area's part of the SFMC) leadership showed up. I guess there were five or six of us who came, and we chatted a bit before wandering off to do other things.

Hoping to find An Poitin Stil for dinner tonight; it's a Gaelic restaurant that fyrfitrmedic has raved about. Not sure whether he and mama0807 will be around for dinner, but it would be nice to spend some time with them without a loud party going on around us.
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