Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Back from Shore Leave...

Got back from Shore Leave about two hours ago, after dropping seity1 off at home. We had a good drive back, though at one point I was moved to slow down and stop at a rest area for a brief break to let a cluster of idiots get a few miles ahead of us.

It was a great weekend! Denise was, as always, a good (and low-impact) travel partner, and we got to see marlokat a few times, too, including Friday night dinner at Outback.

Photo: An Poitin StilTony and Annie left home too late to join Denise and me for dinner Saturday, but we did successfully find An Poitin Stil and had an excellent meal. The waiter seemed to think I was joking when I said it, but they really do need to warn diners about the Maryland crab soup. It's delicious, but carries a risk of large chunks of hard crab shell with nasty spikes. I had two such chunks in my portion, as well as a small shard that could have really hurt if I'd swallowed it. My venison au poivre, though, was outstanding!

The authentic Irish pub features a number of massive wooden beams, torches, chandeliers, and other items brought over from County Cork to provide a great atmosphere, and the front of the building is in several segments, each painted and decorated to represent a real pub in Ireland. "The Still" had Murphy's Irish Stout and Smithwick's on tap, and we were too full to try the homemade bread pudding for dessert! Next time; An Poitin Stil will definitely top my list of restaurants to visit in the Hunt Valley area. ("An Poitin Stil" is pronounced as you'd expect, except that "Poitin" is pronounced like "put-CHEEN." It means, roughly, "moonshine.")

Last night's rave that Ty and company had been asked to run was fun, but never really seemed to draw a crowd. It started shortly after midnight, and was slated to run until dawn, but Denise and I left around three. (If I'd stayed until dawn, driving home would have been a problem!) Got to do some dancing (if you're generous enough to call it that) and thus got my exercise for the week! The pirate rave was a poor substitute for the annual Pirate Party and BLT, neither of which occurred. (The hotel decided to crack down on room parties this year.)

Almost went to see Tricia Helfer talk today; she's the blonde Cylon from "Battlestar Galactica," who replaced Mary McDonnell at the last minute on the con lineup. Mary had been the only person I really wanted to see at the con, but hey, Tricia's cute! Relaxing at the pool won out, though, and at least I'm able to say I was able to see her from a couple yards away while she was at the autograph tables earlier. I think she looks way better in person than on screen, which is pretty rare for TV actors!

Highlights of the drive home were "lunch" (more or less at dinnertime, after a late breakfast) at Waffle House, with a quick stop for dessert at Krispy Kreme!

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